Christmas Burglary Tips


Christmas is fast approaching and although this is an amazingly happy and wonderful time of year it is also unfortunately the most popular time of year for burglaries, seeing burglaries rising by up to 20% in December. So here at Kings Locksmith Coventry we have put together a few tips to hopefully prevent it happening to you. Firstly do your locks comply with British insurance standards because if it doesn't meet these standards and you get broken in to you will not be covered by your home insurance. If you are unsure if your locks meet these standards just give us a call on 07708749876 or visit and we can book you in for a FREE home security check. If you know you are going to be away or out a lot at this wonderful time of year why not use a timer on your interior lights but change the time slightly every few days so that there is no pattern, this should deter any suspect burglars. Always remember to lock all of your doors and windows so that these chancres can't just walk straight in.