Happy Customers

Here at Hebburn Locksmith we constantly aim to provide an amazing service for amazing prices

here is one of these cases where we achieved this aim

our Admin Department received a call form Paul one Saturday evening he informed us that he had a problem with his back door saying that his key would no longer turn to unlock his hardwood back door

so after taking a few details we were able to send an expert master locksmith to his property within 20 minuets

upon arrival our master locksmith found the problem and advised Paul about the best course of action to get his door to a fully working order so after receiving the go ahead from Paul our locksmith quickly and efficiently replace the damaged hardware returning the door back to its correct working state. after completion Paul also received a complimentary Door health check to help prevent problems before they happen . all work was completed within the hour and all for just the small price of


with no call out fee and no VAT

for more information visit www.hebburnlocksmith.co.uk or call 07835222254