The Importance of leaving New Locks on Your Doors and Windows

Having new locks on your doors and windows can provide easy and effective security for your home and family. Oren, changing locks is something people think about doing but usually don't get around to. Why is it Important to Change Yolk Locks? New locks on your windows and doors will provide you with pea ) ofmind. New locks not only help keep yourself and your valuables safe but they help gua I against break-ins and enable you to know who has access to your home. Unfortunately, break-ins are far too common and guarding your home against intruders is paramount. Locks are usually the first bader to anyone aom entering yolk house. New locks will also ensure there are no insurance should a break-in occur. When Should You Install New Locks? It's easy to get comfortable and not give cha : your locks a second thought but there are instances where you should make changing your locks a priority. You should consider changing your looks when the following occurs: You move into a new home - When you lose your keys - Changes in your living arrangements (partner, fiend or roommate moves out) If you loaned your key to someone current locks are quite old or damaged - Ifyour home has been broken into - You have just completed a renovation and various tradespeople may have had a copy ofyour keys Sometimes we don't give some of the above occurrences much thought but if you stop and think about it you'll fmd that quite a few people may have had access to your home. Changing the locks on your doors and windows is such a simple and cost-e#ecti\ e measure to keep your home and family safe, it's important to make it a priority. This article was written in conjunction with Melbourne Removalist, Hire A Mover.